Your Visit

We are pleased that you and your physician have scheduled your surgery at our facility. WASC is a state-of-the art ambulatory surgery center, where surgeons perform multiple outpatient surgical procedures. We specialize in providing excellent customer service in your own community.

Our physicians must meet stringent credentialing and privileging criteria to be a member of our Medical Staff. Our professional staff is well trained to provide you optimal patient care at the direction of our medical staff, while addressing your individual needs.

Our Center offers a safe, convenient, high quality alternative to inpatient hospitalization. The Center is licensed by the State of Ohio and will participate in the federal Medicare Program (CMS).

We strive to achieve and maintain accreditation from AAAHC; an agency that specializes in ambulatory surgery facility excellence and is well recognized in the professional community for their high quality standards.

What You Can Expect

We intend to make your surgical experience as pleasant as possible for you, your family and your significant others.

Before the date of your surgery – You should receive at least two calls from our Center. One from our business office staff to discuss insurance and/or payment options and another from our clinical personnel to review your health status, provide your pre operative instructions and identify any special needs that you may have. You may be asked to stop by the center to be evaluated, or to visit a lab for necessary tests. If you have a Living Will or Advanced Directives or have appointed Medical Power of Attorney, you must inform our personnel and bring the form(s) with you on the day of your surgery.

We will be available to answer your questions or find out the answers for you. If you have not heard from us a few days before your scheduled procedure, please call us. For a specific question, comment or complaint, please do not hesitate to contact our Administrator.

Prompt Attention, Pleasant Setting


All appointments are scheduled and, unlike a hospital, we do not have to deal with the interruptions of inpatient surgical procedures and emergency cases. As a result, and with few exceptions, you’re assured of prompt attention to your needs in an atmosphere that’s pleasing to doctors, patients and family members.

Therefore, it is important to arrive in a timely manner and follow all instructions provided to you. At any time that you do not understand what is happening, please ask.

Important Notes About Your Visits

Always wear something comfortable and easy to remove/put on. Do not wear jewelry. If you must wear your contacts, bring a lens box and your glasses. You must have a responsible, adult support person with you to drive you home and help to care for you at least for the first 12 to 24 hours. Please remember that space is limited and be aware that all patients will have others with them.

For all of your appointments – We recommend you arrive at WASC approximately one (1) hour before your scheduled appointment time to allow for registration and evaluation. Please bring any medical records or other documents related to your surgery that your physician gives you.

Medications – Any medications, including pain pills, you are taking, should be taken only as instructed by the staff and with only a small sip of water NO LATER than you are instructed. Instructions for pediatric patients may be different. If your medications include blood thinners, aspirin or herbal supplements, you must discuss this with your surgeon prior to your surgery. If you have not done so, please call us.

Please bathe or shower the night before or the morning of surgery to minimize the risk of infection unless otherwise instructed by your doctor. You should brush your teeth but do not drink any water.

You should refrain from smoking at least after midnight the night before surgery.

If you are or could possibly be pregnant, please notify us immediately before or upon arrival at the Center. Some medications and possible use of radiation for imaging purposes may cause harm to a developing fetus.

Discharge-Following your procedure, WASC nursing staff will provide you with a copy of your Discharge Instructions and will review them with you and others designated by you. You should take this opportunity to ask any questions regarding your post discharge and recovery care.

Transportation – For your safety as well as that of the public, WASC requires you to have someone to drive you home. You must have a responsible adult to stay with you after surgery and possibly including the night following. Some procedures, anesthesia and/or medications may impair your judgment and ability to drive safely for a period of time following surgery.

If you do not have a ride, we must cancel your appointment and you will be referred to your physician’s office for rescheduling.

Cost and Payments

You are expected to bring your driver’s license and your current insurance card with you on the day of surgery. If you do not have a driver’s license, another form of identification will be required. The costs for ambulatory surgical services are normally covered by most health care plans except for your deductible, co-pay and/or co-insurance. We will submit claim forms directly to all third party payors on your behalf; however, following that, it is your responsibility to work with your carrier to have your claim addressed promptly. You will be responsible for payment of any insurance co-payments and/or co-insurance amounts on the day of surgery. If you do not have insurance or must for any other reason pay the fee yourself, please contact our Business Office BEFORE your scheduled surgery appointment when our office personnel will be glad to assist you with payment arrangements.

We accept MasterCard, VISA and other major credit cards as well as cash payment check. Ask about Care Credit; a medical credit option.

Payment to WASC is for the facility fee only. You will receive a separate bill from your surgeon, anesthesia personnel, pathologist, radiologist, and any other professional consultant, for their service if applicable. Call WASC for contact information to make arrangements with those providers.


The Anesthesiology professionals on staff are looking forward to meeting you and taking care of you during your upcoming appointment at WASC. Anesthesia administered here is tailored to the outpatient experience by using specialized techniques and medications to make the experience pleasant for your entire stay in WASC. The type of anesthesia used depends on your general health, the type of procedure and other factors that will be gathered from your records and your pre-anesthetic evaluation.

They will discuss the plan and what you can expect, so please ask questions. The goal of these specialists is to provide the best, safest medical care during surgery and safe, effective pain relief afterwards.

Checklist of Items to Bring With You

  • Insurance cards and information
  • Payment (if required)
  • Driver’s License or other identification
  • NO valuables
  • Living Will, Advance Directives, etc.
  • Glasses if necessary
  • Adult to drive home and stay