Welcome to Wooster Ambulatory Surgery Center

We are a state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center

Our surgeons perform multiple outpatient surgical procedures. We specialize in providing excellent customer service in our community.

About WASC

Our Services

We offer ambulatory surgery services.

Our Facilities

We have advanced medical equipment and facilities.

Our Location

3373 Commerce Parkway Suite 1
Wooster, OH 44691

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What People Say About Us

WASC Expert Team

Dr. Widmer

Dr. Jabour

Dr. Mathur

Dr. Clark

Dr. Knapic

Dr. Watts

Dr. Stern

Dr. Suppan

Dr. Proano

Dr. Zackary

Dr. Miller

Dr. Spittle

Dr. Fiorita

Dr. Wartmann

We're Committed to Excellence

Wooster Ambulatory Surgery Center was named one of the top performers in surgery for 2011! Winners are recognized for being the best of the best in 5 categories essential to facility-wide success: financial management, infection prevention, patient safety, patient satisfaction and pain control.