Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Thank you for choosing The Wooster Ambulatory Surgery Center for your surgery or procedure.

Along with the information that your doctor’s office will gather to help us make the day of your surgery or procedure as easy as possible, we are taking this opportunity to give you some information that is important for you to know before the day you are scheduled to be at the Wooster Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Everyone has certain Rights and Responsibilities as a patient in the surgery center which we take seriously. They include:

1)      Right to personal privacy – It is the WASCs goal for everyone who works here to treat every person with dignity and respect in an environment that is as private as possible so that you feel safe, comfortable and at east.  For instance:  You will be provided a private place to change clothing and to wait instead of returning to the waiting room. We also commit to keeping your personal health information confidential as provided by law (HIPAA). Therefore:

  1. Patients have the Responsibility to indicate if they feel their privacy is being violated or feel unsafe while at the WASC;


2)      Right to receive care in safe setting – The surgery center employs trained, professional healthcare workers and adheres to State, Local and Federal safety/health standards.  Therefore:

  1. Patients have the Responsibility to indicate if they feel their safety is threatened while in the WASC;

3)      Right to be free from all forms of abuse or harassment – WASC, will treat all patients equally, with courtesy and respect.  Therefore:

  1. Patients have the Right &Responsibility to file a grievance by following the policy and procedure (posted in WASCs lobby) by notifying the person in charge in writing if they feel that their rights are being or have been violated. Patients will be informed of the investigation, time-frame for a response and the outcome, in a timely manner;


Resources for filing a complaint or grievance to Administrator:


Or to: Victoria Caillet Administrator WASC, 330-804-2000


  • Medicare Ombudsman website:


  • Ohio Department of Health website:


4)      Right to be informed and understand planned care by your physician while at WASC, the expected outcome and possible complications or possible effects if the procedure is not performed.  Therefore:

  1. Patients have the Responsibility to ask questions about anything they do not understand;

5)      Right of patient or patient’s designated representative (if one exists) to make informed decisions about care whether or not the patient is incapacitated or been declared incompetent by the court.   Therefore:

  1. Patients have the Responsibility to designate that individual if they wish and inform WASC of that decision before surgery; and

6)      Right to know that the WASC policy on Advance Directives is to stabilize and transfer patients experiencing a life-threatening emergency to a nearby hospital where, their advance Directives will be honored.  Patients may receive forms for A. D. form the WASC Therefore:

  1. Patients have the Responsibility to inform the WASC if they have Advance Directives or want information.

You will receive telephone call(s) from the WASC to gather health and financial information prior to your scheduled surgery or procedure.  If you are a non-English speaking person, please inform us ahead of time.  You may do that by notifying personnel in the doctor’s office at your appointment.  If you can provide an interpreter with whom you feel comfortable hearing what may be private information, it will be necessary to make arrangements for them to be available for those telephone calls and to accompany you on the date of surgery.   Otherwise other arrangements will be made.


Please call us with questions about your experience at WASC. 



The WASC, LLC is owned by community physicians including: DRs.  Fiorita, Gesler, Jabour, Kase, Knapic, Laing, A Mathur, K Mathur, Miller, Ransom, Stern, and Suppan.